How to Copy and Paste a Table

You can copy any of the tables generated by the Local Sport Profile Tool and paste these into a compatible third party software product (e.g. Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel).

The following procedure describes the general steps to copy a table to Microsoft Excel (assuming Windows 8.1 Desktop, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Excel 2013).

Please note that the specific procedure will depend on which web browser you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome) as well as the software tool to which you want to paste the chart. Please consult the user documentation for your web browser or software tool as appropriate for further guidance.

  1. Create a report via the Profiles or Comparators section of the Local Sport Profile Web Tool.
    Copy Table Illustraion 1
  2. Select the table (or portion of table) you want to copy, then right-click on the table, and select Copy in the displayed pop-up menu.
    Copy Table Illustraion 2
  3. Open the Microsoft Excel document to which you want to paste the table, then use the Paste option in Microsoft Excel to paste the table.
    Copy Table Illustraion 3