Select a Geographic Area (Local Authority or Local Enterprise Partnership). Within 'Indicator' firstly select the theme you are interested in (health, participation etc), and then select the Indicator or measure of interest, using the drop down list.

Select the time periods you require the data for. Within 'time periods' the default setting will provide the latest time period only. If you want additional time periods, select these, and the data for each of the time periods will be presented in separate tabs.

Within 'Comparators', select the geographic areas you require. You can choose nearest neighbours, a selection of your own comparators, and the regional and national comparison. There is a maximum of ten comparators.

Click Create Report to generate the corresponding report.

Currently only one indicator can be selected at a time for comparison.

Note: Charts may not display data suitably because of the indicator or the spatial levels selected. It is recommended that only indicators with percentage values are visualised when making comparisons across different geographies.

Geographic Area



Select up to 10 other Geographies to include in your comparison.

Click here to select other local comparators

Nearest Neighbours

Time Periods